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    Alan Bass (2006). Interpretation and Difference: The Strangeness of Care. Stanford University Press.
    This book is the companion to Difference and Disavowal: The Trauma of Eros (Stanford University Press, 2000), which dealt with the psychoanalytic clinical problem of resistance to interpretation. The key to this resistance is the unconscious registration and repudiation (disavowal) of the reality of difference. The surprising generality of this resistance intersects with Nietzsche's, Heidegger's, and Derrida's understanding of how and why difference is in general the “unthought of metaphysics.” All three see metaphysics engaged with a “registration and repudiation of (...)
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    Alan Bass (2002). Historical and Unconscious Trauma: Racism and Psychoanalysis. Constellations 9 (2):274-283.
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    Jacques Derrida & Alan Bass (1982). The Linguistic Circle of Geneva. Critical Inquiry 8 (4):675.
    Linguists are becoming more and more interested in the genealogy of linguistics. And in reconstituting the history or prehistory of their science, they are discovering numerous ancestors, sometimes with a certain astonished recognition. Interest in the origin of linguistics is awakened when the problems of the origin of language cease to be proscribed and when a certain geneticism—or a certain generativism—comes back into its own. One could show that this is not a chance encounter. This historical activity is no longer (...)
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