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  1. Alan P. Hamlin (1986). Ethics, Economics, and the State. St. Martin's Press.
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    Alan P. Hamlin (1989). Rights, Indirect Utilitarianism, and Contractarianism. Economics and Philosophy 5 (02):167-.
    Economic approaches to both social evaluation and decision-making are typically Paretian or utilitarian in nature and so display commitments to both welfarism and consequentialism. The contrast between the economic approach and any rights-based social philosophy has spawned a large literature that may be divided into two branches. The first is concerned with the compatibility of rights and utilitarianism seen as independent moral forces . This branch of the literature may be characterized as an example of the broader debate between the (...)
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  3. Alan P. Hamlin & Philip Pettit (1989). The Good Polity Normative Analysis of the State.
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    Alan P. Hamlin (1991). Rational Revenge. Ethics 101 (2):374-381.
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