Alex de Waal [3]Alexander de Waal [1]
  1. Alex De Waal (2002). Anthropology and the Aid Encounter. In Jeremy MacClancy (ed.), Exotic No More: Anthropology on the Front Lines. University of Chicago Press
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    Astier M. Almedom & Alexander de Waal (1990). Constraints on Weaning: Evidence From Ethiopia and Sudan. Journal of Biosocial Science 22 (4):489.
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    Alex de Waal (1997). Group Identity, Rationality, and the State. Critical Review 11 (2):279-289.
    Abstract The rational choice approach to the understanding of group identity and conflict tends to overlook the extent to which groups are mutable, and the element of design by group leaders (especially those wielding state power) in the definition of group identity and the shaping of rationality. The 1994 genocide of the Rwandese Tutsis was the outcome of an extreme case of planning ethnic and ideological engineering. To see such phenomena as instances of ?rational self?interest? stretches that concept beyond its (...)
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