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  1. James Blackmon, David Byrd, Robert C. Cummins, Alexa Lee & Martin Roth (2006). Representation and Unexploited Content. In Graham F. Macdonald & David Papineau (eds.), Teleosemantics. Oxford University Press
    In this paper, we introduce a novel difficulty for teleosemantics, viz., its inability to account for what we call unexploited content—content a representation has, but which the system that harbors it is currently unable to exploit. In section two, we give a characterization of teleosemantics. Since our critique does not depend on any special details that distinguish the variations in the literature, the characterization is broad, brief and abstract. In section three, we explain what we mean by unexploited content, and (...)
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    Alexander Lee & Jordan Kincaid (2016). Two Problems of Climate Ethics: Can We Lose the Planet but Save Ourselves? Ethics, Policy and Environment 19 (2):141-144.
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    Alexander Lee (2008). Roman Law and Human Liberty: Marsilius of Padua on Property Rights. Journal of the History of Ideas 70 (1):23-44.
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    Benjamin Hale, Alexander Lee & Adam Hermans (2014). Clowning Around with Conservation: Adaptation, Reparation and the New Substitution Problem. Environmental Values 23 (2):181-198.
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