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Profile: Alexander Jech (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  1. Alexander Jech (2014). The Twofold Task of Union. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 17 (5):987-1000.
    Love is practical, having to do with how we live our lives, and a central aspect of its practical orientation is the wish for union. Union is often considered in two forms—as a union of affections and as union in relationship. This paper considers both sorts of union and argues for their connection. I first discuss the union of interests in terms of the idea of attentive awareness that is focused upon the beloved individual and his or her concerns, life, (...)
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  2. Alexander Jech (2013). Affinity and Reason to Love. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 87 (1):117-136.
    What is the nature of our reasons for loving something? Why does a particular person or activity stimulate our imagination and hopes more deeply than others do? Is the reason in the object of our affection or in ourselves? Much philosophical debate revolves around this dichotomy between objective and subjective reasons for loving. In this paper I will instead propose that our reasons are primarily relational, having to do with the concept of affinity. Affinity, defined as “fitness” between two parties, (...)
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  3. Alexander Jech (2013). To Will One Thing. American Philosophical Quarterly 50 (2):153-166.
    Before committing suicide, Othello says, "Speak of me as I am; . . . speak of one who loved not wisely, but too well."1 Thinking of his love for Desdemona, we are not likely to agree with his assessment that he loved her "too well," especially if loving well is supposed to require some kind of dependability or concern for her well-being; we would be loath even to grant that he loved her "too much." Othello's love for his wife seems, (...)
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  4. Alexander Jech (2011). Open Duties. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 14 (5):503-516.