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    Alexandros Kioupkiolis (2008). Post-Critical Liberalism and Agonistic Freedom. Contemporary Political Theory 7 (2):147.
    The last decades have witnessed the emergence of a burgeoning literature on freedom that has set out to reconfigure this idea in response to the critique of the autonomous subject. The paper has three main objectives. It engages critically with this new field of theory by exploring two divergent strands of thought: a recast form of liberal autonomy and agonistic freedom as envisioned by M. Foucault, C. Castoriadis and certain other authors. Second, it seeks to bring out the merits of (...)
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    Alexandros Kioupkiolis (2010). Radicalizing Democracy. Constellations 17 (1):137-154.
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    Alexandros Kioupkiolis (2012). Freedom After the Critique of Foundations: Marx, Liberalism, Castoriadis, and Agonistic Autonomy. Palgrave Macmillan.
    Marx on a tightrope. the essence of freedom and the movement of becoming -- Kantian transcendence and beyond -- Knowledge and practice in trouble. a reasonable way out of ontological traps -- Liberal detours and their mishaps: negative liberty, I. Berlin, and J.S. Mill -- Agonic subjectivity and the stirrings of the new -- The social, the imaginary, and the real -- Freedom, agonism, and creative praxis -- Post-critical liberalism and agonistic freedom -- Post-foundational reason and sustainable affirmation -- Conclusion: (...)
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  4. Alexandros Kioupkiolis (2009). Three Paradigms of Modern Freedom. European Journal of Political Theory 8 (4):473-491.
    The paper makes a case for the new paradigm of freedom which has been elaborated by thinkers such as Cornelius Castoriadis and Michel Foucault. In response to the critique of the subject, freedom is construed now as limited and agonistic, calling for an ongoing struggle against various constraints. But this idea is coupled with a heightened appreciation of contingency and creativity. Individuals can bring new possibilities into existence, which go beyond any predefined alternatives. The paper argues that this is a (...)
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