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    Robert B. Barrett & Alfred J. Stenner (1971). The Myth of the Exclusive `Or'. Mind 80 (317):116-121.
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    Alfred J. Stenner (1974). Toward a Theory of Event Identity. Philosophy of Science 41 (1):65-83.
    This paper takes the first steps in the construction of a theory of event identity as that theory applies to historical sentences. The theory is extensional throughout. Following statements of criteria of adequacy for the construction, Davidson's method of regimenting sentences is adopted in order to allow for variables ranging over events. Events in this theory are only partially construed, that is, to the extent of treating them as concrete individuals rather than as classes or repeatable universals. The paper concludes (...)
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    Alfred J. Stenner (1989). A Paradox of Omniscience and Some Attempts at a Solution. Faith and Philosophy 6 (3):303-319.
    A paradox is constructed employing four languages L1-L4, such that L1 is a metalanguage for L3, L3 for L2, and L2 for L1; L4 functions as the semantic meta-metalanguage for each of L1-L3. The paradox purports to show that no omniscient being can exist, given that there is a set of true sentences (each true within its respective language) from L1, L2, and L3 that no omniscient being can believe.The remainder of the paper consists in an examination of some attempts (...)
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    Alfred J. Stenner (1964). On Predicting Our Future. Journal of Philosophy 61 (14):415-428.
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    Alfred J. Stenner (1967). A Note on Grue. Philosophical Studies 18 (5):76 - 78.