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  1. María Luisa Femenías & Amy A. Oliver (eds.) (2007). Feminist Philosophy in Latin America and Spain. Rodopi.
    This book demonstrates the vast range of philosophical approaches, regional issues and problems, perspectives, and historical and theoretical frameworks that together constitute feminist philosophy in Latin America and Spain. It makes available to English-Speaking readers recent feminist thought in Latin America and Spain to facilitate dialogue among Latin American, North American, and European thinkers.
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    Amy A. Oliver (2014). Context and Kant in the Aesthetics of José Enrique Rodó and Samuel Ramos. Symposium: The Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy 18 (1):65-76.
    In the classic essays Ariel and Filosofía de la vida artística , the Uruguayan José Enrique Rodó and the Mexican Samuel Ramos present distinctive and divergent claims about aesthetics. While Rodó asserts the existence of an innate and abundant aesthetic sensibility among Latin Americans, Ramos believes that aesthetic experience is relatively rare and that aesthetic sensibility needs to be cultivated. While historical grounding in the Latin American context is missing in the works of both Rodó and Ramos, Ariel contains an (...)
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    Amy A. Oliver (1993). Values in Modern Mexican Thought. Journal of Value Inquiry 27 (2):215-230.
  4. Amy A. Oliver (2002). Susana Nuccetelli, Latin American Thought: Philosophical Problems and Arguments Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 22 (6):436-438.
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    Amy A. Oliver & Ellen K. Feder (2008). Lucinda Joy Peach, 1956-2008. Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 82 (2):163.
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  6. Amy A. Oliver (2011). Mestizaje, Mexicanidad, and Assimilation : Zea on Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality. In Jorge J. E. Gracia (ed.), Forging People: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality in Hispanic American and Latino/a Thought. University of Notre Dame Press