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  1. Andrea Baumeister (2012). Empowering Minority Women: Autonomy Versus Participation. Contemporary Political Theory 11 (3):285.
  2. Andrea Baumeister (2011). The Use of “Public Reason” by Religious and Secular Citizens: Limitations of Habermas' Conception of the Role of Religion in the Public Realm. Constellations 18 (2):222-243.
  3. Andrea Baumeister (2009). Gender, Culture and the Politics of Identity in the Public Realm. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 12 (2):259-277.
  4. Andrea Baumeister (2008). Introduction to the Symposium on Gender Equality and Cultural Justice. Res Publica 14 (3):145-146.
  5. Andrea Baumeister (2007). Diversity and Unity The Problem with `Constitutional Patriotism'. European Journal of Political Theory 6 (4):483-503.
    Although Habermas's sophisticated conception of constitutional patriotism successfully avoids the charge of trying to ground patriotism in a set of principles that is too thin and abstract to sustain a real sense of solidarity and belonging, his optimism regarding the prospect in modern pluralist societies of building a genuinely shared political culture is misplaced. The march of modernization as rationalization is neither as relentless nor as inevitable as Habermas assumes. Hence the rational consensus on liberal constitutional principles that is to (...)
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  6. Andrea Baumeister (2006). Gender Equality and Cultural Justice: The Limits of 'Transformative Accommodation'. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 9 (3):399-417.
  7. Andrea Baumeister (2006). Feminist Political Theory: An Introduction (2nd Edn). Contemporary Political Theory 5 (1):95.
  8. Andrea Baumeister (2006). Gender Equality and Cultural Justice : How Thin is Nussbaum's Universalism? In B. A. Haddock, Peri Roberts & Peter Sutch (eds.), Principles and Political Order: The Challenge of Diversity. Routledge
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  10. Andrea Baumeister (1996). Pornography and Civil Rights: The Liberal Case Against Pornography. Res Publica 2 (2):205-214.