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    Andrey Maidansky (2003). The Russian Spinozists. Studies in East European Thought 55 (3):199-216.
    <span class='Hi'></span> The article deals with the history of Russian Spinozism in the20th century,<span class='Hi'></span> focusing attention on three interpretations of Spinoza's philosophy <span class='Hi'></span>– by Varvara Polovtsova,<span class='Hi'></span> Lev Vygotsky,and Evald Ilyenkov.<span class='Hi'></span> Polovtsova profoundly explored Spinoza'slogical method and contributed an excellent translation of histreatise De intellectus emendatione.<span class='Hi'></span> Later Vygotsky andIlyenkov applied Spinoza's method to create activity theory,an explanation of the laws and genesis of the human mind.
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    Andrey Maidansky (2005). Metamorphoses of the Ideal. Studies in East European Thought 57 (3-4):289 - 304.
    For Evald Il’enkov, philosophy is a science of the ideal. Il’enkov spent his entire life researching the logical and historical metamorphoses of the ideal. In general, he considered the ideal as a relation between at least two different things, one of which adequately represents the essence of another. At various times Il’enkov explored quite a few ideal phenomena: forms of value and forms of property, personality and talent, language, music and fine arts, not to mention numerous categories of dialectics, ethics, (...)
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    Andrey D. Maidansky (2010). Ascent Toward the Ideal. Russian Studies in Philosophy 48 (4):63-75.
    The article discusses Ilyenkov's concept of the ideal and its phenomena. It attempts to reconstruct the authentic meaning assigned to this notion by the thinker himself as well as to map the directions of contemporary polemic concerning the concept of the ideal.
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    Andrey D. Maidansky (2012). The Logic of Marx's Theory of History. Russian Studies in Philosophy 51 (2):44-82.
    The article offers a logical reconstruction of Marx's theory of history. On the basis of an analysis of the concept of labor, the author presents and discusses the four main socioeconomic formations of human history. The author challenges the Marxian project of the elimination of both division of labor and private property pointing to its theoretical and practical shortcomings.
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    Andrey Maidansky & Vesa Oittinen (eds.) (2015). The Practical Essence of Man: The 'Activity Approach' in Late Soviet Philosophy. Brill.
    This edited collection of original research represents the first substantial English-language overview of the current in late Soviet philosophy known as the 'activity approach'.
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