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    Andrzej Górski (2005). The Ethics of Intellectual Property Rights in Biomedicine and Biotechnology: An Introduction. Science and Engineering Ethics 11 (1):4-6.
    Most papers included in this special issue were presented at the Fifth International Bioethics Conference, “The Ethics of Intellectual Property Rights and Patents,” held in Warsaw, Poland on 23–24 April, 2004.
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    Andrzej Górski (2002). Conflict of Interest and its Significance in Science and Medicine. Science and Engineering Ethics 8 (3):261-262.
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    Andrzej Górski (2004). Introduction to the Proceedings of an International Conference Placebo: Its Action and Place in Health Research Today Warsaw, Poland, 12–13 April, 2003. [REVIEW] Science and Engineering Ethics 10 (1):3-4.
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    Andrzej Górski (2006). The Responsible Conduct of Basic and Clinical Research. Science and Engineering Ethics 12 (1):3-4.
    Traffic research shares a fundamental dilemma with other areas of empirical research in which humans are potentially put at risk. Research is justified because it can improve safety in the long run. Nevertheless, people can be harmed in the research situation. Hence, we need to balance short-term risks against long-term safety improvements, much as in other areas of research with human subjects. In this paper we focus on ethical issues that arise when human beings are directly affected in the performance (...)
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    Sławomir Letkiewicz & Andrzej Górski (2010). The Potential Dual Use of Online Pharmacies. Science and Engineering Ethics 16 (1):59-75.
    The technological advances of the 20th century resulted in the creation of the Internet and its introduction into everyday life on a global scale. The Internet provides access to information and the sale and purchase of goods. Medications are also subject to trade. Their sale is conducted by online pharmacies and their global turnover amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. Medications ordered over the Internet are sent by mail all over the world. Considering the events of recent years, we (...)
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