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    Joel David Hamkins & Andy Lewis (2000). Infinite Time Turing Machines. Journal of Symbolic Logic 65 (2):567-604.
    Infinite time Turing machines extend the operation of ordinary Turing machines into transfinite ordinal time. By doing so, they provide a natural model of infinitary computability, a theoretical setting for the analysis of the power and limitations of supertask algorithms.
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    Andy Lewis (1998). Large Cardinals and Large Dilators. Journal of Symbolic Logic 63 (4):1496-1510.
    Applying Woodin's non-stationary tower notion of forcing, I prove that the existence of a supercompact cardinal κ in V and a Ramsey dilator in some small forcing extension V[G] implies the existence in V of a measurable dilator of size κ, measurable by κ-complete measures.
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    George Barmpalias, Vasco Brattka, Adam Day, Rod Downey, John Hitchcock, Michal Koucký, Andy Lewis, Jack Lutz, André Nies & Alexander Shen (2013). Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK July 2–6, 2012. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 19 (1).
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  4. Sam Buss, Stephen Cook, Jos Ferreirs, Andy Lewis, David Marker, Theodore Slaman & Jamie Tappenden (2008). 2008 Annual Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic-University of California, Irvine-Irvine, California-March 27-30, 2008-Abstracts. [REVIEW] Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 14 (3).
  5. Rodney Downey, Ieke Moerdijk, Boban Velickovic, Samson Abramsky, Marat Arslanov, Harvey Friedman, Martin Goldstern, Ehud Hrushovski, Jochen Koenigsmann & Andy Lewis (2007). Nijmegen, The Netherlands July 27–August 2, 2006. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 13 (2).
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