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  1. Sharon L. R. Kardia, Jane P. Sheldon, Elizabeth M. Petty, Merle Feldbaum, Elizabeth S. Anderson, Angela D. Lanie & Toby Epstein Jayaratne, Exploring the Public Understanding of Basic Genetic Concepts.score: 870.0
    It is predicted that the rapid acquisition of new genetic knowledge and related applications during the next decade will have significant implications for virtually all members of society. Currently, most people get exposed to information about genes and genetics only through stories publicized in the media. We sought to understand how individuals in the general population used and understood the concepts of “genetics” and “genes.” During in-depth one-on-one telephone interviews with adults in the United States, we asked questions exploring their (...)
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  2. Marjolein Lips-Wiersma & Lani Morris (2009). Discriminating Between 'Meaningful Work' and the 'Management of Meaning'. Journal of Business Ethics 88 (3):491 - 511.score: 4.0
    The interest in meaningful work has significantly increased over the last two decades. Much of␣the associated managerial research has focused on researching ways to ‹provide and manage meaning’ through leadership or organizational culture. This stands in sharp contrast with the literature of the humanities which suggests that meaningfulness does not need to be provided, as the distinct feature of a human being is that␣he or she has an intrinsic ‹will to meaning’. The research that has been done based on the (...)
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