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    Angela Hobbs (2000). Plato and the Hero: Courage, Manliness, and the Impersonal Good. Cambridge University Press.
    Plato's thinking on courage, manliness and heroism is both profound and central to his work, but these areas of his thought remain underexplored. This book examines his developing critique of the notions and embodiments of manliness prevalent in his culture (particularly those in Homer), and his attempt to redefine such notions in accordance with his ethical, psychological and metaphysical principles. It further seeks to locate the discussion within the framework of Plato's general approach to ethics.
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  2. Angela Hobbs (2006). Female Imagery in Plato. In J. H. Lesher, Debra Nails & Frisbee C. C. Sheffield (eds.), Plato's Symposium: Issues in Interpretation and Reception. Distributed by Harvard University Press 252--71.
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    Angela Hobbs (2012). Following the Swerve. The Philosophers' Magazine 57 (57):115-117.
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    Angela Hobbs (1995). Plato II. The Classical Review 45 (02):285-.
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    Angela Hobbs (2007). Plato and Psychic Harmony. Philosophical Inquiry 29 (5):103-124.
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    Angela Hobbs (1995). Plato II R. Kraut (Ed.): The Cambridge Companion to Plato. (Cambridge Companions.) Pp. Xiv+560. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992. Cased, £35/$49.95 (Paper, £12.95/$17.95). [REVIEW] The Classical Review 45 (02):285-288.
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    Angela Hobbs (2010). Nichols Socrates on Friendship and Community: Reflections on Plato's Symposium, Phaedrus and Lysis. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009. Pp. Viii, 229. £45/$80. 9780521899734. [REVIEW] Journal of Hellenic Studies 130:272-273.
  8. Angela Hobbs (2012). The Swerve: How the Renaissance Began, by Steven Greenblatt (WW Norton/Bodley Head) $26.95/£ 17.99. The Philosophers' Magazine 57:115-117.
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    Angela Hobbs (2006). Blondell (R.) The Play of Character in Plato's Dialogues . Pp. Xi + 452. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. Cased, £55, US$75. ISBN: 0-521-79300-. [REVIEW] The Classical Review 56 (01):51-.
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    Angela Hobbs (1998). Commentary on" Aristotle's Function Argument and the Concept of Mental Illness". Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 5 (3):209-213.
  11. Angela Hobbs (2010). On Christopher Gill on Particulars, Selves, and Individuals in Stoic Philosophy. In R. W. Sharples (ed.), Particulars in Greek Philosophy: The Seventh S.V. Keeling Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy. Brill
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  12. Angela Hobbs (2007). Plato on War. In Dominic Scott (ed.), Maieusis: Essays in Ancient Philosophy in Honour of Myles Burnyeat. OUP Oxford
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