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    Anh Tuan Nuyen (2004). “Identitarian Thinking” and the Social Sciences. International Studies in Philosophy 36 (4):65-88.
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    Anh Tuan Nuyen (2010). Confucian Trust and the Biomedical Regulatory Framework in Singapore. In John Elliott, W. Calvin Ho & Sylvia S. N. Lim (eds.), Bioethics in Singapore: The Ethical Microcosm. World Scientific
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    Anh Tuan Nuyen (2011). The Al-Megrahi Case. Philosophy Today 55 (1):12-21.
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    Anh Tuan Nuyen (2011). Confucian Role-Based Ethics and Strong Environmental Ethics. Environmental Values 20 (4):549-566.
    Onora O'Neill has argued that an obligations-based anthropocentric ethics can support strong environmentalism. However, the value that non-human nature has in such ethics is still ultimately instrumental. I will argue in this paper that while O'Neill's ethics is conceptually close enough to Confucian role-based ethics, the latter allows that non-human nature can have a non-instrumental value and thus can support a robust environmentalism while remaining anthropocentric.
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