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    Ann M. Begley (2006). Facilitating the Development of Moral Insight in Practice: Teaching Ethics and Teaching Virtue. Nursing Philosophy 7 (4):257-265.
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    Ann Marie Begley (2005). Practising Virtue: A Challenge to the View That a Virtue Centred Approach to Ethics Lacks Practical Content. Nursing Ethics 12 (6):622-637.
    A virtue centred approach to ethics has been criticized for being vague owing to the nature of its central concept, the paradigm person. From the perspective of the practitioner the most damaging charge is that virtue ethics fails to be action guiding and, in addition to this, it does not offer any means of act appraisal. These criticisms leave virtue ethics in a weak position vis-à-vis traditional approaches to ethics. The criticism is, however, challenged by Hursthouse in her analysis of (...)
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    Ann Marie Begley (2008). Guilty But Good: Defending Voluntary Active Euthanasia From a Virtue Perspective. Nursing Ethics 15 (4):434-445.
    This article is presented as a defence of voluntary active euthanasia from a virtue perspective and it is written with the objective of generating debate and challenging the assumption that killing is necessarily vicious in all circumstances. Practitioners are often torn between acting from virtue and acting from duty. In the case presented the physician was governed by compassion and this illustrates how good people may have the courage to sacrifice their own security in the interests of virtue. The doctor's (...)
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    Ann Marie Begley (2011). The Good, the Bad and the ‘Not so Bad’: Reflecting on Moral Appraisal in Practice. Nursing Inquiry 18 (1):21-28.
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    Ann M. Begley (2008). Book Review: Armstrong AE 2007: Nursing Ethics: A Virtue-Based Approach. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 250 Pp. GBP45. 00 (HB). ISBN: 978 0 230 50688 6. [REVIEW] Nursing Ethics 15 (5):703-703.
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