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    Anna Plassart (2008). James Mill's Treatment of Religion and the History of British India. History of European Ideas 34 (4):526-534.
    James Mill's History of British India’ played a major role in re-shaping the English policy and attitudes in India throughout the nineteenth century. This article questions the widely held view that the ‘HBI’ heralded the utilitarian justification of colonisation found for instance in John Stuart Mill's writings. It suggests that James Mill's role as a proponent of ‘utilitarian imperialism’ has been overstated, and argues that much of Mill's criticism of Indian society arose from the continuing influence of his religious education (...)
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    Anna Plassart (2013). " Scientific Whigs"?: Scottish Historians on the French Revolution. Journal of the History of Ideas 74 (1):93-114.
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    Anna Plassart (2010). A Scottish Jacobin: John Oswald on Commerce and Citizenship. Journal of the History of Ideas 71 (2):263-286.