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    Anna Shusterman & E. S. Spelke (2005). Language and the Development of Spatial Reasoning. In Peter Carruthers (ed.), The Innate Mind: Structure and Contents. New York: Oxford University Press New York 89--106.
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    Anna Shusterman, Sang Ah Lee & Elizabeth S. Spelke (2011). Cognitive Effects of Language on Human Navigation. Cognition 120 (2):186-201.
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  3. Sang Ah Lee, Anna Shusterman & Elizabeth S. Spelke, Evidence for Two Systems.
    ��Disoriented 4-year-old children use a distinctive container to locate a hidden object, but do they reorient by this information? We addressed this question by testing children’s search for objects in a circular room containing one distinctive and two identical containers. Children’s search patterns provided evidence that the distinctive container served as a direct cue to a hidden object’s location, but not as a directional signal guiding reorientation. The findings suggest that disoriented children’s search behavior depends on two distinct processes: a (...)
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