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Profile: Anna-Maria Asunta Eder (Universität Konstanz)
  1. Peter Brössel & Anna-Maria A. Eder (forthcoming). How To Resolve Doxastic Disagreement. Synthese.
  2. Peter Brössel, Anna-Maria A. Eder & Franz Huber (2013). Evidential Support and Instrumental Rationality. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 87 (2):279-300.
  3. Anna-Maria A. Eder (2011). Decision Theory and Rationality. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 24 (3):326-329.
    The concept of rationality is a common thread through the human and social sciences - from political science to philosophy, from economics to sociology, and from management science to decision analysis. But what counts as rational action and rational behavior? Jose Luis Bermudez explores decision theory as a theory of rationality. Decision theory is the mathematical theory of choice and for many social scientists it makes the concept of rationality mathematically tractable and scientifically legitimate. Yet rationality is a concept with (...)
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