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    Christoph Jäger & Anne Bartsch (2006). Meta-Emotions. Grazer Philosophische Studien 73 (1):179-204.
    This paper explores the phenomenon of meta-emotions. Meta-emotions are emotions people have about their own emotions. We analyze the intentional structure of meta-emotions and show how psychological findings support our account. Acknowledgement of meta-emotions can elucidate a number of important issues in the philosophy of mind and, more specifically, the philosophy and psychology of emotions. Among them are (allegedly) ambivalent or paradoxical emotions, emotional communication, emotional self-regulation, privileged access failure for repressed emotions, and survivor guilt.
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    Anne Bartsch & Christoph Jäger (2002). Privileged Access and Repression. In Verena Mayer & Sabine A. Döring (eds.), Die Moralität der Gefühle. De Gruyter 59-80.
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    Christoph Jäger & Anne Bartsch (2009). Prolegomena zu einer philosophischen Theorie der Meta-Emotionen. In Barbara Merker (ed.), Leben mit Gefühlen. Mentis 113-137.
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    Anne Bartsch (2010). Vivid Abstractions: On the Role of Emotion Metaphors in Film Viewers' Search for Deeper Insight and Meaning. Midwest Studies in Philosophy 34 (1):240-260.
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  5. Christoph Jäger & Anne Bartsch (2000). Unconscious Emotions-Black Holes in the Cartesian Theatre? Consciousness and Cognition 9 (2):54-54.
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  6. Christoph Jäger & Anne Bartsch (2006). Autorität der Ersten Person und emotionale Verdrängung. E-Journal Philosophie der Psychologie 4.
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