1.  72
    Anthony E. Hatzimoysis (ed.) (2003). Philosophy and the Emotions. Cambridge University Press.
  2.  40
    Anthony E. Hatzimoysis (ed.) (2008). Self-Knowledge. Oxford University Press.
    The essays featured in this collection seek to deepen our understanding of self-knowledge, to solve some of the genuine (and to resolve some of the spurious) ...
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    Anthony E. Hatzimoysis (2003). Emotional Feelings and Intentionalism. In A. Hatimoysis (ed.), Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement. Cambridge University Press 105-111.
    Emotions are Janus-faced: their focus may switch from how a person is feeling deep inside her, to the busy world of actions, words, or gestures whose perception currently affects her. The intimate relation between the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’ seems to call for a redrawing of the traditional distinction of mental states between those that can look out to the world, and those that are, supposedly, irredeemably blind.
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