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    Anton M. L. Coenen (2007). Consciousness Without a Cortex, but What Kind of Consciousness is This? Behavioral and Brain Sciences 30 (1):87-88.
    Merker suggests that the thalamocortical system is not an essential system for consciousness, but, instead, that the midbrain reticular system is responsible for consciousness. Indeed, the latter is a crucial system for consciousness, when consciousness is regarded as the waking state. However, when consciousness is regarded as phenomenal consciousness, for which experience and perception are essential elements, the thalamocortical system seems to be indispensable. (Published Online May 1 2007).
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    A. M. L. Coenen (1998). Neuronal Phenomena Associated with Vigilance and Consciousness: From Cellular Mechanisms to Electroencephalographic Patterns. Consciousness and Cognition 7 (1):42-53.
    The neuroanatomical substrates controlling and regulating sleeping and waking, and thus consciousness, are located in the brain stem. Most crucial for bringing the brain into a state conducive for consciousness and information processing is the mesencephalic part of the brain stem. This part controls the state of waking, which is generally associated with a high degree of consciousness. Wakefulness is accompanied by a low-amplitude, high-frequency electroencephalogram, due to the fact that thalamocortical neurons fire in a state of tonic depolarization. Information (...)
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