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    Antonio Rauti (2010). How Use Theories of Meaning Can Accommodate Shared Meanings: A Modal Account of Semantic Deference. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 88 (2):285-303.
    Use theories of meaning (UTMs) seem ill-equipped to accommodate the intuition that ignorant but deferential speakers use natural kind terms (e.g. 'zinc') and technical expression (e.g. 'credit default swap') with the same meanings as the experts do. After all, their use deviates from the experts', and if use determines meaning, a deviant use ordinarily would determine a deviant meaning. Yet the intuition is plausible and advocates of UTMs believe it can be accommodated. I examine Gilbert Harman's and Paul Horwich's views, (...)
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    Antonio Rauti (2012). Multiple Groundings and Deference. Philosophical Quarterly 62 (247):317-336.
    The idea that reference is multiply grounded allows causal-historical theories of reference to account for reference change. It also threatens the stability of reference in light of widespread error and confusion. I describe the problem, so far unrecognised, and provide a solution based on the phenomenon of semantic deference, which I differentiate from reference-borrowing. I conclude that deference has an authentic foundational semantic role to play.
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    Antonio Rauti (2009). Can We Derive the Principle of Compositionality (If We Deflate Understanding)? Dialectica 63 (2):157-174.
    Paul Horwich has claimed that we can derive a certain form of the principle of compositionality from a deflationary account of what it is to understand a complex expression. If this were the case, we would realize a surprising theoretical economy, and if the derivation involved basic ideas from a use theory of meaning, we would have a novel argument for use theories of meaning. Horwich does not offer a detailed derivation. In this paper I reconstruct a possible derivation and (...)
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    Antonio Rauti (2004). Propositional Structure and B. Russell's Theory of Denoting inThe Principles of Mathematics. History and Philosophy of Logic 25 (4):281-304.
  5. Antonio Rauti (2008). Semantic Compositionality, Predicates, and Properties. American Philosophical Quarterly 45 (3):271 - 286.
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