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    Arash Sahraie, Lawrence Weiskrantz, J. L. Barbur, Alison Simmons & M. Brammer (1997). Pattern of Neuronal Activity Associated with Conscious and Unconscious Processing of Visual Signals. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Usa 94:9406-9411.
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    Ceri T. Trevethan, Arash Sahraie & Larry Weiskrantz (2007). Can Blindsight Be Superior to 'Sighted-Sight?'. Cognition 103 (3):491-501.
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    Maarten Milders, Arash Sahraie, Sarah Logan & Niamh Donnellon (2006). Awareness of Faces is Modulated by Their Emotional Meaning. Emotion 6 (1):10-17.
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    Maarten Milders, Arash Sahraie & Sarah Logan (2008). Minimum Presentation Time for Masked Facial Expression Discrimination. Cognition and Emotion 22 (1):63-82.
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    Rachel L. Bannerman, Maarten Milders & Arash Sahraie (2009). Processing Emotional Stimuli: Comparison of Saccadic and Manual Choice-Reaction Times. Cognition and Emotion 23 (5):930-954.
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    Lawrence Weiskrantz, J. L. Barbur & Arash Sahraie (1995). Parameters Affecting Conscious Versus Unconscious Visual Discrimination Without V. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Usa 92:6122-26.
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