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  1. Jane Mansbridge, James Bohman, Simone Chambers, David Estlund, Andreas Føllesdal, Archon Fung, Cristina Lafont, Bernard Manin & José Luis Martí (2010). The Place of Self-Interest and the Role of Power in Deliberative Democracy. Journal of Political Philosophy 18 (1):64-100.
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    Archon Fung (2005). Deliberation Before the Revolution: Toward an Ethics of Deliberative Democracy in an Unjust World. Political Theory 33 (3):397 - 419.
    Deliberative democracy is a revolutionary political ideal that requires fundamental changes in political institutions, bases of collective decision making, and the distribution of resources. Perhaps because of its revolutionary character accounts of deliberation in political theory thus far have offered little guidance for actors in actually-existing democratic circumstances. This article develops an ethical account of deliberative democratic action under imperfectly just conditions characterized by material and political inequality and failures of reciprocity. Under such conditions, appropriate principles of action can resolve (...)
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    Archon Fung (2003). Survey Article: Recipes for Public Spheres: Eight Institutional Design Choices and Their Consequences. Journal of Political Philosophy 11 (3):338–367.
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  4. Archon Fung (2003). The Voice of the People: Public Opinion and Democracy. Journal of Political Philosophy 11 (3):338-367.
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  5. Archon Fung & Erik Olin Wright (2006). Deepening Democracy: Institutional Innovations in Empowered Participatory Governance. Science and Society 70 (4):566-569.
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