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    Arnold Baise, Merlin Jetton & Marsha Familaro Enright (2015). Marsha Familaro Enright's Essay, “The Problem with Selfishness”. Journal of Ayn Rand Studies 15 (1):117-125.
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  2. Arnold Baise (2013). Probability, Objectivity, and Induction. Journal of Ayn Rand Studies 13 (2):81-95.
    The main purpose of this article is to use Ayn Rand’s analysis of the meaning of objectivity to clarify the much-discussed question of whether probability is “objective” or “subjective.” This results in a classification of probability theories as frequentist, subjective Bayesian, or objective Bayesian. The work of objective Bayesian E. T. Jaynes is emphasized, and is used to provide a formal definition of probability. The relation between probability and induction is covered briefly, with probability theory presented as the basis of (...)
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