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    Arnoud S. Q. Visser (2011). Reading Augustine in the Reformation: The Flexibility of Intellectual Authority in Europe, 1500-1620. OUP Usa.
    Augustine of Hippo was regarded by sixteenth century Europe as one of the most contested religious and philosophical authorities. Through deep examination of the production, circulation and consumption of Augustine's works, Arnoud Visser reveals the wildly contrasting ways in which he was read and appropriated by publishers, humanist scholars, and individual readers.
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    Albert Visser (2009). The Predicative Frege Hierarchy. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 160 (2):129-153.
    In this paper, we characterize the strength of the predicative Frege hierarchy, , introduced by John Burgess in his book [J. Burgess, Fixing frege, in: Princeton Monographs in Philosophy, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2005]. We show that and are mutually interpretable. It follows that is mutually interpretable with Q. This fact was proved earlier by Mihai Ganea in [M. Ganea, Burgess’ PV is Robinson’s Q, The Journal of Symbolic Logic 72 619–624] using a different proof. Another consequence of the our (...)
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    Albert Visser (2009). Cardinal Arithmetic in the Style of Baron Von Münchhausen. Review of Symbolic Logic 2 (3):570-589.
    In this paper we show how to interpret Robinson’s arithmetic Q and the theory R of Tarski, Mostowski, and Robinson as theories of cardinals in very weak theories of relations over a domain.
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