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    Petra Barchfeld & Beate Sodian (2009). Differentiating Theories From Evidence: The Development of Argument Evaluation Abilities in Adolescence and Early Adulthood. Informal Logic 29 (4):396-416.
    An argument evaluation inventory distinguishing between different levels of theory-evidence differentiation was designed corresponding to the levels of argument observed in argument generation tasks. Five scenarios containing everyday theories about a social problem, and arguments to support those theories were presented to 170 participants from two age groups (15 and 22 years) and different educational tracks. Participants had to rate the validity of arguments proposed by a story figure, to support the theory, to choose the best argument, and to justify (...)
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    B. Sodian, C. Hulsken & C. Thoermer (2003). The Self and Action in Theory of Mind Research. Consciousness and Cognition 12 (4):777-782.
    Research on children's developing theories of mind has contributed to our understanding of the developmental relation of self and action (1) by exploring the relation of the development of self knowledge to the development of knowledge of others' minds and (2) by investigating the relation between theory of mind development and the development of action control. We argue that evidence on theory of mind reasoning in children with deficient action control (ADHD-diagnosed children) is especially relevant to the second issue and (...)
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    Markus Paulus, Sunae Kim & Beate Sodian (2015). Clarifying the Range of Social-Cognitive Processes Subserving Human Teaching. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 38.
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    Beate Sodian, Claudia Thoermer, Susanne Kristen & Hannah Perst (2012). Metacognition in Infants and Young Children. In Michael Beran, Johannes Brandl, Josef Perner & Joëlle Proust (eds.), The Foundations of Metacognition. Oxford University Press