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    Barry G. Stroud (2000). The Quest for Reality: Subjectivism and the Metaphysics of Colour. Oxford University Press.
    We say "the grass is green" or "lemons are yellow" to state what everyone knows. But are the things we see around us really colored, or do they only look that way because of the effects of light rays on our eyes and brains? Is color somehow "unreal" or "subjective" and dependent on our human perceptions and the conditions under which we see things? Distinguished scholar Barry Stroud investigates these and related questions in The Quest for Reality. In this long-awaited (...)
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  2. Barry G. Stroud (2002). Reading McDowell: On Mind and World. New York: Routledge.
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  3. Barry G. Stroud (1965). Wittgenstein and Logical Necessity. Philosophical Review 74 (October):504-518.
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    Barry G. Stroud (2004). Perceptual Knowledge and Epistemological Satisfaction. In John Greco (ed.), Ernest Sosa and His Critics. Malden MA: Blackwell Publishing 165--173.
  5. Barry G. Stroud (1996). Mind, Meaning and Practice. In Hans D. Sluga & D. G. Stern (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Wittgenstein. Cambridge University Press
  6. Barry G. Stroud (2002). Sense-Experience and the Grounding of Thought. In Nicholas Smith (ed.), Reading McDowell: On Mind and World. New York: Routledge
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    Barry G. Stroud (2002). Explaining the Quest and its Prospects: Reply to Boghossian and Byrne. Philosophical Studies 108 (1-2):239-247.
    A brief description of the goal and main lines of argument of The Quest for Reality, in reply to the responses of Paul Boghossian and Alex Byrne.
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    Barry G. Stroud (2004). Unmasking and Dispositionalism: Reply to Mark Johnston. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 69 (1):202-212.
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  9. Barry G. Stroud (1990). Perspectives on Quine. Cambridge: Blackwell.
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    Barry G. Stroud (2007). Dispositional Theories of the Colours of Things. Erkenntnis 66 (1-2):271 - 285.
    Dispositional theories of the colours of objects identify an object’s having a certain colour with its being such that it would produce perceptions of certain kinds in perceivers of certain kinds under certain specified conditions. Without doubting that objects have dispositions to produce perceptions of certain kinds, this paper questions whether the relevant kinds of perceptions, perceivers, and conditions can be specified in a way that (i) does not rely on acceptance of any objects as being coloured in a non-dispositional (...)
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  11. Barry G. Stroud (2003). Anti-Individualism and Scepticism. In Martin Hahn & B. Ramberg (eds.), Reflections and Replies: Essays on the Philosophy of Tyler Burge. MIT Press
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    Barry G. Stroud (2004). Replies. [REVIEW] Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 68 (2):423-442.
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  13. Barry G. Stroud (2004). The Epistemological Promise of Externalism. In Richard Schantz (ed.), The Externalist Challenge. De Gruyter
  14. Barry G. Stroud (1990). Quine's Physicalism. In Perspectives on Quine. Cambridge: Blackwell