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    Benedict Sheehy (2004). The Challenge of Objectivist Ethics. International Journal of Applied Philosophy 18 (2):231-240.
    Few people think of business ethics as being addressed outside of main-stream business ethics, philosophy and corporate social responsibility circles. This view is in error. Arguably the most prominent philosopher of the last century, Ayn Rand, has provided a philosophy of business that is satisfying to many people, not the least of which is Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan. Rand’s philosophy suggests that self-interested behaviour is not merely an economic modeling of human behaviour, but an ethical imperative. To (...)
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    Donald Feaver & Benedict Sheehy (2015). The Political Division of Regulatory Labour: A Legal Theory of Agency Selection. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 35 (1):153-177.
    The objective of this paper is to present a legal theory of agency selection. The theory posits why certain legal forms of agency are chosen when agencies are created by the executive branch of government. At the core of the theory is the idea that the executive branch chooses agency forms that strike a politically optimal balance between maximising its control while minimising its legal and political accountability for agency activities. This optimal balance is determined on an issue by issue (...)
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