1. Bernard D' Espagnat (1976). Conceptual Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. Addison-Wesley, Advanced Book Program.
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    Bernard D' Espagnat (1989). Reality and the Physicist: Knowledge, Duration, and the Quantum World. Cambridge University Press.
    Contemporary physics, especially quantum theory, has raised profound questions about the relationship between the methods of science and the reality these methods seek to investigate. D'Espagnat investigates these questions as well as how we should answer them. Part I examines the practices of contemporary physicists and addresses the criticism philosophers of science have made of these practices. The doctrine of physical realism, adopted by most physicists and many philosophers of science, comprises Part II. Part III explores the consequences of physical (...)
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  3. Michel Bitbol, Bernard D' Espagnat & Sandra Laugier (1997). Physique Et Réalité Un Débat Avec Bernard D'espagnat. Monograph Collection (Matt - Pseudo).
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