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    Bijoy H. Boruah (1988). Fiction and Emotion: A Study in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Mind. Oxford University Press.
    Why do people respond emotionally to works of fiction they know are make-believe? Boruah tackles this question, which is fundamental aesthetics and literary studies, from a totally new perspective. Bringing together the various answers that have been offered by philosophers from Aristotle to Roger Scruton, he shows that while some philosophers have denied any rational basis to our emotional responses to fiction, others have argued that the emotions evoked by fiction are not real emotions at all. In response to this, (...)
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    Bindu Puri, Heiko Sievers & Bijoy H. Boruah (eds.) (2007). Reason, Morality, and Beauty: Essays on the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant. Oxford University Press.
    This collection of essays by eminent scholars on the reconstruction and critique of Kant's transcendental philosophy in the Indian context specifically discusses moral philosophy, philosophical psychology, religion, and aesthetics.
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    D. C. Srivastava & Bijoy H. Boruah (eds.) (2010). Dharma and Ethics: The Indian Ideal of Human Perfection. Distributed by D.K. Printworld.
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    Bijoy H. Boruah (2010). Virtue Ethics as Virtue Metaphysics. In J. Sharma A. Raguramaraju (ed.), Grounding Morality. Routledge 110.
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