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Profile: Conrad Asmus (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
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    C. M. Asmus (2013). Vagueness and Revision Sequences. Synthese 190 (6):953-974.score: 873.4
    Theories of truth and vagueness are closely connected; in this article, I draw another connection between these areas of research. Gupta and Belnap’s Revision Theory of Truth is converted into an approach to vagueness. I show how revision sequences from a general theory of definitions can be used to understand the nature of vague predicates. The revision sequences show how the meaning of vague predicates are interconnected with each other. The approach is contrasted with the similar supervaluationist approach.
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    C. M. Asmus (2009). Restricted Arrow. Journal of Philosophical Logic 38 (4):405 - 431.score: 872.5
    In this paper I present a range of substructural logics for a conditional connective ↦. This connective was original introduced semantically via restriction on the ternary accessibility relation R for a relevant conditional. I give sound and complete proof systems for a number of variations of this semantic definition. The completeness result in this paper proceeds by step-by-step improvements of models, rather than by the one-step canonical model method. This gradual technique allows for the additional control, lacking in the canonical (...)
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