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Profile: Corey McCabe (University of Melbourne)
  1. Brian McCabe (1992). Comparatively Rich. Comparative Animal Physiology; Vol. 1, Energetic and Metabolic Animal Physiology; Vol. 2, Neuronal and Integrative Animal Physiology, 4th Edition (1991). Edited by C. Ladd Prosser. J. Wiley, Chichester. Vol. 1, 559pp. £22.95/$44.95, ISBN 0471 85767X. Vol. 2, 786pp. £22.95/$44.95, ISBN 0471 56071 5. [REVIEW] Bioessays 14 (7):503-504.score: 360.0
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  2. R. Cookson, C. McCabe & A. Tsuchiya (2008). Public Healthcare Resource Allocation and the Rule of Rescue. Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (7):540-544.score: 240.0
    In healthcare, a tension sometimes arises between the injunction to do as much good as possible with scarce resources and the injunction to rescue identifiable individuals in immediate peril, regardless of cost (the “Rule of Rescue”). This tension can generate serious ethical and political difficulties for public policy makers faced with making explicit decisions about the public funding of controversial health technologies, such as costly new cancer drugs. In this paper we explore the appropriate role of the Rule of Rescue (...)
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  3. Linda M. Isbell, Joseph McCabe, Kathleen C. Burns & Elicia C. Lair (2013). Who Am I?: The Influence of Affect on the Working Self-Concept. Cognition and Emotion 27 (6):1073-1090.score: 240.0
  4. C. Luibheid (1997). Review. Form and Argument in Late Plato. C Gill & MM McCabe. The Classical Review 47 (2):332-334.score: 126.0
  5. Colm Luibheid (1997). Late Plato C. Gill, M. M. McCabe (Edd.): Form and Argument in Late Plato. Pp. Xi + 345. Oxford: Clarendon Press. 1996. Cased, £35. ISBN: 0-19-8240-12-0. [REVIEW] The Classical Review 47 (02):332-334.score: 120.0
  6. Derek Matravers & Damien Freeman (2014). Figuring Out Figurative Art: Contemporary Philosophers on Contemporary Paintings. Routledge.score: 24.0
    In 1797 Friedrich Schlegel wrote that "philosophy of art usually lacks one of two things: either the philosophy, or the art." This collection of essays contains both the philosophy and the art. It brings together an international team of leading philosophers to address diverse philosophical issues raised by recent works of art. Each essay engages with a specific artwork and explores the connection between the image and the philosophical content. Thirteen contemporary philosophers demonstrate how philosophy can aid interpretation of the (...)
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