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    C. Robert Cloninger (2004). Feeling Good: The Science of Well-Being. OUP Usa.
    The separation of biomedical and psychosocial approaches to mental illness has hampered both research and treatment because only a fully integrated view of life permits a person to develop wisdom and well-being. In this long-awaited work, psychiatrist Robert Cloninger argues that all persons have spontaneous needs for happiness, self-understanding, and love, and he describes a way toward achieving psychological coherence that satisfies these basic human needs. The novel synthesis that he provides is based on the latest findings and concepts in (...)
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    C. Robert Cloninger (2011). Person‐Centred Integrative Care. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 17 (2):371-372.
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  3. C. Robert Cloninger (2013). Degeneracy of Categorical Disease Paradigms. Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 20 (3):275-279.