1.  44
    C. W. A. Whitaker (1996). Aristotle's De Interpretatione: Contradiction and Dialectic. Oxford University Press.
    De Interpretatione is among Aristotle's most influential and widely read writings; C. W. A. Whitaker presents the first systematic study of this work, and offers a radical new view of its aims, its structure, and its place in Aristotle's system. He shows that De Interpretatione is not a disjointed essay on ill-connected subjects, as traditionally thought, but a highly organized and systematic treatise on logic, argument, and dialectic.
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    C. W. A. Whitaker (1994). The Aristotelian Science of Ethics C. D. C. Reeve: Practices of Reason: Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. Pp. Viii + 229. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992. Cased, £27.50. [REVIEW] The Classical Review 44 (01):86-87.
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    C. W. A. Whitaker (1994). The Aristotelian Science of Ethics. The Classical Review 44 (01):86-.