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    Jonathan Grainger & Carol Whitney (2004). Does the Huamn Mnid Raed Wrods as a Wlohe? Trends in Cognitive Sciences 8 (2):58-59.
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    Carol Whitney (2012). The Study of Orthographic Processing has Broadened Research in Visual Word Recognition. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 35 (5):309-310.
    Interest in orthographic processing reflects an expansion, not constriction, of the scope of research in visual word recognition. Transposition effects are merely one aspect of investigations into orthographic encoding, while open bigrams can accommodate differences across languages. The target article's inaccurate characterization of the study of orthographic processing is not conducive to the advancement of VWR research.
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    Carol Whitney (2010). Serial Letter-Order Encoding is Bottom-Up, Not Top-Down: Comment on Vidyasagar and Pammer. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 14 (6):237-238.
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    Carol Whitney (2006). An Alternative Model of Sentence Parsing Explains Complexity Phenomena More Comprehensively Without Problems of Localist Encoding. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 29 (1):87-88.
    I discuss weaknesses of the proposed model related to reinstantiation of encodings recorded by the hippocampal complex and to the inability of the model to explain complexity phenomena. An alternative model that also addresses the formation of hierarchical representations of sentences in working memory is outlined, and the ability of this model to account for complexity phenomena is briefly reviewed.
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  5. Carol Wilkinson Whitney (1988). The Hunted Hunter of the Alliterative Morte Arthure. Mediaevalia 14:179.
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