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    Catherine Kemp (2000). Two Meanings of the Term "Idea": Acts and Contents in Hume's Treatise. Journal of the History of Ideas 61 (4):675-690.
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    Catherine Kemp (2014). The Real 'Letter to Arbuthnot'? A Motive For Hume's Probability Theory in an Early Modern Design Argument. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 22 (3):468-491.
    John Arbuthnot's celebrated but flawed paper in the Philosophical Transactions of 1711?12 is a philosophically and historically plausible target of Hume's probability theory. Arbuthnot argues for providential design rather than chance as a cause of the annual birth ratio, and the paper was championed as a successful extension of the new calculations of the value of wagers in games of chance to wagers about natural and social phenomena. Arbuthnot replaces the earlier anti-Epicurean notion of chance with the equiprobability assumption of (...)
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    Catherine Kemp (2004). Our Ideas in Experience: Hume's Examples in ' of Scepticism with Regard to the Senses'. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 12 (3):445 – 470.
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    Catherine Kemp (2007). Thomas Reid's Theory of Perception. Hume Studies 33 (2):339-344.
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    Catherine Kemp (2010). Legal Theory, and Judicial Restraint. Philosophical Inquiry 32 (3-4):118-120.
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    Catherine Kemp (2005). Book Review: Anne Jaap Jacobson. Feminist Interpretations of David Hume. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2000. [REVIEW] Hypatia 20 (1):206-209.
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