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    Cathy Legg (2005). Hacking: The Performance of Technology? [REVIEW] Techne 9 (2):151-154.
    The word “hacker” has an interesting double meaning: one vastly more widespread connotation of technological mischief, even criminality, and an original meaning amongst the tech savvy as a term of highest approbation. Both meanings, however, share the idea that hackers possess a superior ability to manipulate technology according to their will (and, as with God, this superior ability to exercise will is a source of both mystifying admiration and fear). This book mainly concerns itself with the former meaning. To Thomas (...)
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    Cathy Legg (1994). Alan Musgrave, Common Sense, Science and Scepticism: A Historical Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge Reviewed By. [REVIEW] Philosophy in Review 14 (5):336-339.
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