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  1. Charles L. Bosk & John G. Rogers (1996). All God's Mistakes--Genetic Counseling in a Pediatric Hospital. Bioethics 10 (1):80-82.
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    Charles L. Bosk (2008). What Would You Do?: Juggling Bioethics and Ethnography. University of Chicago Press.
    In hospital rooms across the country, doctors, nurses, patients, and their families grapple with questions of life and death. Recently, they have been joined at the bedside by a new group of professional experts, bioethicists, whose presence raises a host of urgent questions. How has bioethics evolved into a legitimate specialty? When is such expertise necessary? How do bioethicists make their decisions? And whose interests do they serve? Renowned sociologist Charles L. Bosk has been observing medical care for thirty-five years. (...)
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    Charles L. Bosk (2002). Now That We Have the Data, What Was the Question? American Journal of Bioethics 2 (4):21 – 23.
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    Raymond G. De Vries & Charles L. Bosk (2004). The Bioethics of Business: Rethinking the Relationship Between Bioethics Consultants and Corporate Clients. Hastings Center Report 34 (5):28-32.
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  5. Charles L. Bosk (1980). Forgive and Remember. Ethics 90 (2):308-310.
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  6. Charles L. Bosk (1981). The Tribal Rites of Specialists in Training. Hastings Center Report 11 (2):43-44.
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