Did you mean: Villa-Vicente, Charles
  1. Charles Villa-Vicencio & John W. De Gruchy (eds.) (1994). Doing Ethics in Context: South African Perspectives. D. Philip.
  2. Charles Villa-Vicencio (1992). A Theology of Reconstruction: Nation-Building and Human Rights. Cambridge University Press.
    The changing situation in South Africa and Eastern Europe prompts Charles Villa-Vicencio to investigate the implications of transforming liberation theology into a theology of reconstruction and nation-building. Such a transformation, he argues, requires theology to become an unambiguously interdisciplinary study. This book explores the encounter between theology, on the one hand, and constitutional writing, law-making, human rights, economics, and the freedom of conscience on the other. Placing his discussion in the context of the South African struggle, the author compares this (...)
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