1.  17
    Chiara Cordelli (2015). Justice as Fairness and Relational Resources. Journal of Political Philosophy 23 (1):86-110.
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    Chiara Cordelli (2011). The Institutional Division of Labor and the Egalitarian Obligations of Nonprofits. Journal of Political Philosophy 20 (2):131-155.
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    Chiara Cordelli (2013). How Privatization Threatens the Private. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 16 (1):65-87.
    Across countries, governments are urging civil society, in particular charitable and non-profit associations, to take up a part of the social burden, and to produce and provide critical human services and social goods, either independently or on governments' behalf. This type of privatization, or public?private partnership, is encouraged by many on grounds of pluralism and liberty, as empowering individuals and their associations. In this paper, I aim to provide a liberty-based normative argument against privatization. A common view, supported by both (...)
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