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Chris Mace [4]Christopher J. Mace [1]
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    Chris Mace (1997). Commentary on" Primitive Mental Processes". Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 4 (2):145-149.
  2. Christopher J. Mace (1994). 18. Hysteria and Conversion. In E. Critchley (ed.), The Neurological Boundaries of Reality. Farrand 287.
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    Chris Mace (ed.) (1999). Heart and Soul: The Therapeutic Face of Philosophy. Routledge.
    Heart and Soul is a collection of essays which examine those concepts and questions which are at the heart of both psychotherapy and philosophy. Topics discussed include the nature of the self, motivation and subjectivity, the limits of certainty and subjectivity in interpersonal situations, and the scope of narrative, dialogue and therapy itself. Looking at the work of key figures such as Wittgenstein, Socrates, Kierkegaard, Foucault, Lacan and Klein, contributors draw on a wide range of philosophical approaches and examine how (...)
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  4. Chris Mace (1999). On Putting Psychoanalysis Into a Nietzschean Perspective. Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 6 (3):187-189.
  5. Chris Mace (1999). 16 Philosophy as Psychotherapy. In Heart and Soul: The Therapeutic Face of Philosophy. Routledge 269.
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