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    Christopher Bryant (1981). Conditional Murderers. Analysis 41 (4):209 - 215.
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    Ross King, Whelan D., E. Kenneth, Ffion Jones, Reiser M., G. K. Philip, Christopher Bryant, Muggleton H., H. Stephen, Douglas Kell, Oliver B. & G. Stephen (2004). Functional Genomic Hypothesis Generation and Experimentation by a Robot Scientist. Nature 427 (6971):247--52.
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    Christopher G. A. Bryant (1992). Sociology Without Philosophy? The Case of Giddens's Structuration Theory. Sociological Theory 10 (2):137-149.
    Specification of an appropriate relationship, or division of labor, between sociology and philosophy, remains a sensitive issue. Anthony Giddens offers a distinctive variant in his concern, in structuration theory, to develop an ontology of the social without participating in epistemological debate and without articulating and justifying a normative theory (whether a philosophical anthropology or a political philosophy). Both omissions impair the wider reception of structuration theory. The second is the more serious, however, insofar as the postempiricist community of inquirers may (...)
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    Christopher Bryant (1995). Reid and His French Disciples. [REVIEW] Review of Metaphysics 48 (3):666-667.
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