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    Christopher Frey (2015). Greek Models of Mind and Self by A. A. Long. [REVIEW] Review of Metaphysics 69 (1):145-146.
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    Christopher Frey (2011). On the Rational Contribution of Experiential Transparency1. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 82 (3):721-732.
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    Christopher Frey (2013). Phenomenal Presence. In Uriah Kriegel (ed.), Phenomenal Intentionality. OUP Usa 71.
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    Christopher Frey (2015). Capacities and the Eternal in Metaphysics Θ.8 and De Caelo. Phronesis 60 (1):88-126.
    _ Source: _Volume 60, Issue 1, pp 88 - 126 The dominant interpretation of Metaphysics Θ.8 commits Aristotle to the claim that the heavenly bodies’ eternal movements are not the exercises of capacities. Against this, I argue that these movements are the result of necessarily exercised capacities. I clarify what it is for a heavenly body to possess a nature and argue that a body’s nature cannot be a final cause unless the natural body possesses capacities that are exercised for (...)
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    Christopher Frey (2015). Sensuous Experience, Phenomenal Presence, and Perceptual Availability. International Journal of Philosophical Studies 23 (2):237-254.
    I argue that an experience’s sensuous elements play an ineliminable role in our being intentionally directed upon an entity through perception. More specifically, I argue that whenever we appreciate a sensuous element in experience, we appreciate an intrinsic and irreducibly phenomenal aspect of experience that I call phenomenal presence – an aspect of experience that I show is central to its presentational character – and that the appreciation of phenomenal presence is necessary for perceptual intentionality. If an experience is to (...)
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    Christopher Frey (2007). Organic Unity and the Matter of Man. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy (summer):167-204.