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    Christopher L. Niebauer (2004). Handedness and the Fringe of Consciousness: Strong Handers Ruminate While Mixed Handers Self-Reflect. Consciousness and Cognition 13 (4):730-745.
    Previous research found that mixed handers were more likely than strong handers to update their beliefs . It was assumed that this was due to greater degrees of communication between the two cerebral hemispheres in mixed handers. Niebauer and Garvey made connections between this model of updating beliefs and metacognitive processing. The current work proposes that variations in interhemispheric interaction contribute to differences in consciousness, specifically when consciousness is used in rumination versus the metacognitive task of self-reflection. Using the (...)
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    Christopher L. Niebauer, Justin Aselage & Christian Schutte (2002). Hemispheric Interaction and Consciousness: Degree of Handedness Predicts the Intensity of a Sensory Illusion. Laterality 7 (1):85-96.