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    Cynthia S. Jones & Mark C. Urban (2013). Promise and Pitfalls of a Gender-Blind Faculty Search. BioScience 63 (8):611-612.
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    Massimo Pigliucci, Carl Schlichting, Cynthia Jones & Kurt Schwenk (1996). Developmental Reaction Norms: The Interactions Among Allometry, Ontogeny and Plasticity. Plant Species Biology 11:69-85.
    How micro- and macroevolutionary evolutionary processes produce phenotypic change is without question one of the most intriguing and perplexing issues facing evolutionary biologists. We believe that roadblocks to progress lie A) in the underestimation of the role of the environment, and in particular, that of the interaction of genotypes with environmental factors, and B) in the continuing lack of incorporation of development into the evolutionary synthesis. We propose the integration of genetic, environmental and developmental perspectives on the evolution of the (...)
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    Cynthia Jones (2014). Dirty Money. Journal of Academic Ethics 12 (3):191-207.
    Many states have significantly reduced their support for higher education in the last decade, increasing the importance of securing external funding for research and academic centers at colleges and universities. This paper addresses issues that have been raised by critics of funding from "morally tainted" sources like tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies, and oil and gas companies and attempts to develop plausible criteria for "morally acceptable" funding in light of criticisms that focus on issues such as transparency, conflicts of interests, academic (...)
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    Cynthia Jones (2009). Moral Relativism, Cultural Awareness and Cooperative Learning in Teaching Professional Ethics. Teaching Ethics 10 (1):43-50.
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    Cynthia Jones (2013). Cute and Cuddly Animals Versus Yummy Animals. In Robert Arp & Kevin S. Decker (eds.), The Ultimate South Park and Philosophy: Respect My Philosophah! Wiley-Blackwell 236--246.
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    Cynthia Jones (2012). Instructor Disclosure and Theory Diversity in Teaching Professional Ethics. Teaching Ethics 13 (1):91-104.