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    D. A. Barr (1996). The Ethics of Soviet Medical Practice: Behaviours and Attitudes of Physicians in Soviet Estonia. Journal of Medical Ethics 22 (1):33-40.
    OBJECTIVES: To study and report the attitudes and practices of physicians in a former Soviet republic regarding issues pertaining to patients' rights, physician negligence and the acceptance of gratuities from patients. DESIGN: Survey questionnaire administered to physicians in 1991 at the time of the Soviet breakup. SETTING: Estonia, formerly a Soviet republic, now an independent state. SURVEY SAMPLE: A stratified, random sample of 1,000 physicians, representing approximately 20 per cent of practicing physicians under the age of 65. RESULTS: Most physicians (...)
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    D. A. Barr, L. Fenton & D. Blane (2008). The Claim for Patient Choice and Equity. Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (4):271-274.
    Recently, commentators close to and within the UK government have claimed that patient choice can increase equity in the context of the National Health Service. This article critically examines the basis for this claim through analysis of recent speeches and publications authored by secretaries of state for health and their policy advisers. It is concluded that this claim has not developed prospectively from an analysis of the causes of healthcare inequity, or even with a consistent normative definition of equity. The (...)
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