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    D. A. Borman (2009). Labour, Exchange and Recognition: Marx Contra Honneth. Philosophy and Social Criticism 35 (8):935-959.
    This article explores Marx’s contention that the achievement of full personhood and, not just consequently, but simultaneously, of genuine intersubjectivity depends upon the attainment of recognition for one’s place in the social division of labour, recognition which is systematically denied to some individuals and groups of individuals through the capitalist organization of production and exchange. This reading is then employed in a critique of Axel Honneth’s theory of recognition which, it is argued, cannot account for the systematic obstacles faced by (...)
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  2. David A. Borman (2011). Bullshit, Social Integration, and Political Legitimation: Habermasian Reflections. Dialogue 50 (1):117-140.
    ABSTRACT: This paper proposes a Habermasian analysis of bullshit which diverges from the well-known account offered by Harry Frankfurt. It aims to show that Habermas’s theory of communicative action provides superior conceptual tools for such an analysis, but also that the phenomenon of bullshit ought to be deeply troubling to Habermasians. Bullshit frustrates the transition to discourse, interrupts the binding force of communicative action and, if sufficiently widespread as to alter fundamental attitudes toward public speech, bullshit challenges the status of (...)
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