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Profile: Deirdre C. P. Smith (Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen)
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    J. Greenberg, D. C. Smith, R. J. Burman, R. Ballo & S. H. Kidson (2015). Towards Guidelines for Informed Consent for Prospective Stem Cell Research. South African Journal of Bioethics and Law 8 (2):46.
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    D. C. Smith (2003). What is so Magical About a Theory of Intrinsic Intentionality? Philosophical Papers 32 (1):83-96.
    Abstract Curiously missing in the vast literature on Hilary Putnam's so-called model-theoretic argument against semantic realism is any response from would-be proponents of what Putnam would call magical theories of reference. Such silence is surprising in light of the fact that such theories have occupied a significant position in the history of philosophy and the fact that there are still several prominent thinkers who would, no doubt, favor such a theory. This paper develops and examines various responses to Putnam's argument (...)
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  3. D. C. Smith (2001). Meaning, Normativity, and Reductive Naturalism. Sorites 12 (May):60-65.
    In «The Normativity of Meaning», Eric Gampel argues that the capacity to justify a linguistic usage is essential to meaning and suggests that this fact entails that naturalistic theories of meaning must take a non-reductive form if they are to be viable. I will argue that reductive and non-reductive naturalisms stand or fall together in the face of Gampel's argument that meaning plays an essential justificatory role. I will further argue that, if they fall, the lesson to be learned is (...)
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  4. D. C. Smith & Anne Karin Langslow (eds.) (1999). The Idea of a University. J. Kingsley Publishers.